The Cheater

The Cunt Edditted.

The Cunt

It took my breath away. I did not see it coming. I trusted. I never questioned. I was eternally committed. 22 years wiped out in a single moment. But…

May 2013 I kicked him out. Turns out he was shagging the CUNT in the next cubicle to him at work for months. He had ample opportunity to tell me. I asked. Repeatedly. He never said anything. Texts paved the way. Texts showed the truth. He did not have the balls to be kind, to be considerate to someone who he will be connected to for the rest of his life through our children.

What kind of people are they? Who does this shit to another person let alone, their family?  What woman does not follow the gracious silent rules such as ” You need to end your marriage before you fuck me?”. “You have a 22 year old relationship with children. For the best results you need to be considerate of that and end your relationship before we start ours”. AND what kind of family does this CUNT have that would support and encourage their relationship to result in the destruction of mine? Of his children? Who the fuck do they think they are?

Feel free to contact her and tell her what you think. I encourage you to do so.