Penny Cheater said…..

Penny Cheater said “The only difference is, I don’t sleep here anymore”. WTF? Ya dumb twat. (This is the kindest response I could control)

Penny Cheater said “I was going to tell you it was a golf weekend with the boys” and then Penny Cheater….laughed. Um…Do you think laughter was the correct response in the situation? Somehow I failed to see the humour. Spare me Penny and do enlighten me to what was SO fucking funny at our expense????

Penny Cheater said “I will take the kids camping. And you can come too”. Why the fuck would I go anywIMG_5126here with you now you fucking oxygen stealer!!! Stick a hot melting Smore up yer arse!

Penny Cheater said “We had only been going out since Feb 28th 2013”. Then why the fuck do I see texts from her fucking sister from January  2013 asking where the fuck you two are? 3 months my ass. How about a year? Maybe two?

Penny Cheater said “I think the “family should meet. I want you to come too”. Family? What family? The family you destroyed? I have a family with your kids but you are not invited anymore. Check out the fucking definition of family you naive, blind, self gratifying shit!

noun: family; plural noun: families
  1. 1.
    a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household.
    What did your Penny Cheater say to you?

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