Penny Cheater also said….

“I didn’t want to hurt you”. Really? This was by far Penny Cheaters best response of them all.

I spent half my life with you. We will spend the rest of our lives crossing paths because we are connected through our children and you could not stop for one moment and consider this? You could not manage the situation to ensure that the outcome would be the best it could be for all involved? Especially our children! Coward. Self gratifying oxygen stealer!

This simple act makes me the better person. Shag and tell immediately. No brainer. Lesson to all. An affair hurts e..v..e..r..y..o..n..e but most importantly your children. As parents, we have every responsibility to NOT hurt our children. If one parent hurts the other parent, the children will be hurt. The fallout is contagious. I cannot think of anything more selfish. If yer gonna, then kiss and tell…..immediately. Hurt


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