General P. Cheater – The Trench

TRUTH BOMBThe best way I can describe the Penny Cheater situation was like being a wounded Officer in a trench with two untrained wounded soldiers and a rat (the cat) in the same trench. Yells are flying. Bombs are dropping. Meals are sporadic. Emotions run high. The next day is uncertain. No one volunteered to be here. No one wants to be here. No one asked to be here. We were put here by General P. Cheater and his secretary. No one in the trench is quite sure which way to turn to get out. It is an ugly mess, poorly delivered, executed and managed.

While we wander through this no man’s land which use to look like our home but somehow has become estranged to us,  General P. Cheater barks his demands and expectations. He shows up to check on his troops to make sure his orders are being carried out, pretends to contribute, only motivated by guilt to his once loved squad, and then goes golfing for another weekend with his secretary and friends leaving the soldiers to just…fight through another day.

There are moments where the war stopped briefly. In these moments the Officer and the two soldiers found each other to reflect on the imposed chaos surrounding them. But General P. Cheater does not have sympathy, empathy or compassion to allow any healing process to begin. He returns from his weekend of fun to drive his old squad to win his selfish war. No man’s land will be claimed and divided.  “No pain, no gain” is General P. Cheater’s motto, as long as it is not his pain.

The battle wounds split open, repeatedly and more appear. Scars that will heal as best as they can one day. General P. Cheater and the Officer are connected by their responsibility to commence healing the inexperienced soldiers. But the General does not stop to see that the squad is gravely wounded. He cannot face his poor management skills if any. He continues to be unable to face the truth of his actions. His cowardly management of the problem in the trench is more weekends away with the secretary and friends (he told the squad he was going with the boys).

Run, General P. Cheater. Run.

(Note: In no way is this article intended to be disrespectful of those that have served. I can only praise and thank you for the opportunity of being here today.)

I remember.


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