Can you bear it?

Oh you can read all about solutions to the Penny Cheaters of this world.  You can spend time reading this. You can look for anyway in the book , internet, counseling to make you feel better and of course you do need to do this.  But hear me, “time” is the only medicine. Don’t see your Penny Cheater. There is enough electronic communication today to achieve this. Don’t contact your Penny Cheater wherever possible. Get busy if depression has not locked you into your couch with a bottle. But that’s ok too. Just go with the flow. Fill the freezer with frozen food for the kids. And do your time your Penny Cheater has sentenced you to.

But it is time. They said two years when this commenced. I said fuck that, I will be done in one. I completed legal agreement in 4 months. I sold house in 11 months. I mBearoved into new house in 14 months. I hit a brick wall at 14 months and one day. Its 18 months now. I have more good days now than bad for sure. But bring on the two years. I am running for May 2015. Hibernation would be welcomed.

Brain fart:

Maybe that’s it. The bear mates with the female. Fucks off to mate with another female. Female hibernates and gives birth in the spring and brings up the cubs on her own. I should have paid more attention to David Attenborough and asked Penny Cheater to do the dishes on his way out!!


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