The DT’s


YES! Send the fucker!

DT’s = Drunken Texting. Oh the wicked joys. This modern communication gives you an outlet for you to say what you are really thinking, feeling, screaming inside.

Embrace it. Get on with it. I like to think of it as therapy. Personal unbarred, say what you need to say, let it loose, have another glass and text the Penny Cheater’s of this world exactly what you think. Fuck the advice. Fuck the rules of preserving dignity. WHAT dignity? The Penny Cheaters strip you of all of who you use to be by sharing their lies with people, your joint friends, and making you the butt of their joke for the day. They have to. Its how they justify their guilt. Fuck them. Fuck them all.

So what have you got left? Nothing. So send those DT’s. Who cares. You have nothing left of yourself to preserve. Penny Cheater took it all away from you. Bring it on.


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