All I Got for Christmas was a Divorce

I came home christmas divorcefrom work last Thursday and there was an envelope from a lawyer in the post box. Penny Cheater has served me with divorce papers. Despite a letter inside from his lawyer saying he had left 5 messages, his business card and has been to my home to serve me the papers, I have heard NOTHING! Zero. Nada from Penny Cheater or his very rude lawyer.

After another major blowout with this Penny Cheater for surprising me AGAIN  for not having the balls to say “Hey, I am filing for divorce” or “Hey, my lawyer is trying to contact you” etc, he did not have the common decency to TELL ME. Fucking coward. Hey Penny Cheater, have you noticed I DON’T DO SURPRISES!!! He was a coward while he cheated on me, he is a coward in divorce. Why? Using Penny Cheaters words “he did not want to hurt me“. Trust me NO ONE on this planet has EVER or will EVER again hurt me to my core like this nasty man has. If his mother only knew.

Love & DivorceNone the less, I cannot help but feel sad. I am sad that Penny Cheater chose to continue to not show a breath of kindness and consideration since this started in some attempt to find peace between us for his children. May his selfishness chew his soul and fuck her up. I guess gullible me expected something more given our journey ahead with our children. But hey, why would Penny Cheater start that now, or ever for that matter?

But in my silence, I admit that I am sad to close the door on once was my best friend.

Merry Christmas all.


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