To Block or not to Block?

Calls Blacklist - Call Blocker-   by vlad lee This is a tough one. I admit I have done this numerous times over the months since this nasty separation started. When I first “blocked” Penny Cheater from receiving texts and phone calls I can honestly say I felt a sense of cleansing. But its a tough one when you have joint parental responsibilities. You find yourself swinging back and forth like a pendulum. What do I need? What’s best for the kids? What do I need? What’s best for the kids?

As time goes by you unblock them again to deal with business. Business creeps up the ugly ladder again and this time you block text, phone calls and emails. Then another demanding issue makes you open up the channels once more and BANG you get yer ass stung again, so this time you block EVERYTHING. All communication, Facebook, your blog, any way of them finding out what you are doing, internally screaming the ultimate communication of  “LEAVE ME ALONE! ”

And then, you have to odo-not-pick-up-webpen a channel again. This blocking and unblocking pisses me off. Without kids, it would have been one blocking activity. But with kids, you cannot deny that you remain connected for the rest of your lives. Diapers, teens, weddings, grandchildren. But, at least you get some control back from practicing this activity. For a while, you can take a break from the bullshit the Penny Cheater’s throw at you from their shitty selfish game. Lets face it, the one that leaves has no idea anymore what their children are doing. Too fucking bad. All Penny Cheaters had a choice.


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