Broken Christmas’s – Part 1 – Tradition

It is fair to say that this time of year is a tough one for a broken family. Tough one for me on my own. Christmas lends itself to tradition. 22 years we have created the magic for our sons. 22 years we have carved out our Christmas’s for our family. Broken FamilyThere are things we did. Things we always did. Things now only to remember.

Last Christmas being the first Christmas after Penny Cheater fucked off was strange. Dialogue went back and forth trying to find the “new tradition” for this broken family. At first Penny Cheater was coming to our family home again on Christmas Day for a few hours. Tradition and the heart of our sons pulled this debate back and forth. Penny Cheater thought nothing of doing this. He was fine about this. My vulnerable state did not see a problem either. Tradition beckoned.  And then I woke up.

It’s not the same I thought. Traditions have been broken. Family has been broken. Penny Cheater broke them. What was, is now gone. Christmas traditions buried in a memory bank, in the hearts of our once known family and photos.

It is the time of something “new”. New traditions. New ornaments. New beginnings. Without Penny Cheaters. It has a slight flavour of excitement!


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