Broken Christmas’s – Part 2 – Tradition

Broken HomeWe moved into a new house in August. Penny Cheater wanted his money to buy a 150 acre goat farm in the country with the Cunt – more about that later. Our new house is much smaller than our 5 bedroom family home. But it is comfortable. Cozy. Everyone has their own bathroom – clincher. There is a sense of freedom here. I can play music very loud. At first I found myself looking over my shoulder expecting someone to tell me to turn that bloody sound off. But there was silence. Welcomed silence.

This house is not flavoured with Penny Cheater. It’s Penny Cheater free. Part of me is SO relieved. Part of me wants to show him what I bought. It was so stressful packing up the old place and buying this new place that in the midst of negotiations I asked “And where does Penny Cheater sign”. I was so used to the tradition of doing things together that I forgot in the stress of it all that he was no longer part of the equation!


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