Broken Christmas’s – Part 3 – Tradition


Christmas in our new home.

It is the season of giving. I therefore take a turn in events and have recognized that a new tradition needs to be established with Penny Cheater living with the Cunt in her house with her traditions. I acknowledge that Penny Cheater was most gracious in our first Christmas apart and let me have the children for most of the season. But this year, I feel that generosity needs to be returned and a new pattern needs to commence.

I suggested Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Penny Cheater said “The children can come over whenever they want“. What the fuck does that mean? “Let’s not plan anything coz it will cramp my selfish style with the Cunt”? or “Woeisme”? or “I’m a dumb fucking twat who has no idea of parenting and gently moving the boys on to a new tradition that will benefit all in the long run”? WHICH ONE DOES HE MEAN? Sigh.

Well, despite my generosity of giving over all three days, tradition has a power of its own. A place in our hearts. A place not to be lost. A place you cannot deny but cherish and preserve.¬† Our children played along but on December 23rd they expressed that they do not wish to go to their Dad’s on Christmas Day. Christmas Day is here. With Mom. With the decorations, the traditional food, patterns they are accustomed to since they were born with or without their father. They have a right to have a say.

So, that is where they will be. With me. I can only say, that in my heart, it is my tradition too. Welcome Christmas. Past. Present and future.

Tradition is stronger than any Penny Cheater. There are some things that he cannot take away. Embrace it.



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