Time is the healer….

Its been almost a year since my last post. Penny Cheater kept me busy. Unwanted busy. Many said ‘this will make you stronger“. Who the fuck needs to be stronger? We already were. As Mom’s and Dad’s we kick ass with no manual. We do not need a Penny Cheaterthehealer-300x277 to inspire our therapists to tell us otherwise.

But after two years, I am in a better place. A bit rough still but better. They said it would be two years. I originally said “fuck that, I will bury the damage in one”. But they were right. It’s two years, despite your skills, resourcefulness, personal prowess to solve problems; it IS two years to get over the impact of a Penny Cheater.

I woke up in March this year and thought “holy shit, my son was 15 and now he is 17” – what the fucking hell happened to 16!!! I have no idea. Breaks my  heart. I did what Penny Cheater dictated.  My only small vindictive consolation is Penny Cheater didn’t see his son at 16 either coz he fucking left his children/family thinking the Cunt would be a better place. His priorities continue to waver.

Today, my youngest will not graduate next June. My older son is a dope head and I have initiated “tough love”. I am in training as a single parent. I settled the bullshit Penny Cheater imposed coz his dick wandered. I buried separation agreement in 4 months after I kicked him out. But what happened to our sons? What was the ricochet of Penny Cheaters negligence, our lack of communication, our lack of love, our lack of “us” our lack of the definition of a “marriage”? Did we ever really know?


2 thoughts on “Time is the healer….

  1. Sorry to hear about your tough time and glad you’re in a better place. I hope to be there some day. Wishing you luck in the next year.

    • Its all about time, unfortunately. You are in my thoughts. Hang out here anytime. It is better to talk than to dust off a baseball bat, despite it itches in your hands sometimes. I swing that bat often right here. Its a safer place. Hugs.

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