The Revenge Party – You are invited!

There were days of anger and hatred I am not proud of. Hatred chew’s your soul, your essence, it has a way of keeping you in the bottle. It was a new emotion for me. An emotion I never had to control before. It was loaded with a physicality and mental torment on repeat. With a few select friends, we had a “Revenge Party“. In my self-made dungeon, this was nothing but a healthy way to release the new thoughts I was unaccustomed too.

Choose very close friends. Not the ones who say “I’m sorry” – I ended up avoiding these people, recommended – but the ones that say “Get off yer frigging arse!”. Bring them over for the evening. Crack open a glass or two. And brainstorm. Let it rip! We talked about all the things I wanted to do to Penny Cheater and his Cunt. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Paint their windows on the ground floor black so they could not see the lightG2K_-_Godzilla_vs._the_Military
  • After a Crime Stoppers report, call in and say “I know who did it
  • Take a picture of your Penny Cheater, a baseball bat and a pillow. Place the picture on the pillow and bash the fucking shit out of it until you sweat and the feathers fly –  might as well have a work out while you are there as you will need that new body of yours to get through the months of recovery. Additionally, the physical release feels good and you may get your first nights sleep. These counselors are definitely necessary, but there is a place for just letting it rip against all the rules, but within the confines of restraint. My screaming need to destroy stuff needed an outlet. I was Godzilla looking for plastic military vehicles to crush with my bare feet! Albeit, Penny Cheaters head would have been preferable.
  • Sign up the Cunt for a free ad and write “Are you married? Do you have children? I am skilled at assisting you to cheat on your loved ones and break up families without giving a fucking shit. For a fucked up good time guaranteed, text 555.555.5555″

I felt better. Counselors are necessary, but the anti-counselor method in a safe controlled environment is for some, necessary – it was for me. This was not the only get together I had. When it builds up again – repeat all of the above.

What do you want to do to your Penny Cheater that is fucked up, goes against all the “right things” they tell you to do, but you can’t stop thinking about doing it. Storm it out right here. I am listening.


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