We fight to do all the right things as a victim of a cheater. We get through the day. We ask for help. We web browse for the answers. We get counselling regularly. We fight to move forward. But…. it occurred to me that the “fucking shit”, the pent-up feelings of what you really want to do but can’t, need to be released somewhere. This is where I am dumping them. Yes revenge, anger, frustration etc are natural unwanted feelings of this painful end of a marriage. We SO want to, but…we do not. But I needed somewhere to go to release these thoughts. Blunt. Real. Without reservation. If you need to dump, rant, swear, say what you really want to say and get the stuff they keep telling you can’t say or do out of your system to move forward, than by all means, do it here. Coz I get it. Welcome. You are SO not alone.


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